Saturday, July 04, 2020

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Ferrari in push to bring spare car back

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Ferrari is to make a push to try and get rid of the ban on spare cars in Formula 1, in the wake of Fernando Alonso being forced to skip qualifying in Monaco because of his Saturday practice accident.

Alonso crashed at the Massenet corner during the final free practice session, and major damage to his chassis meant the car could not be repaired.

With F1 rules currently banning spare cars, it meant Alonso could not take part in qualifying and had to start from the pitlane for Sunday's race once a replacement chassis had been built up.

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali thinks that what happened over the weekend should force a rethink of the regulations - especially because fans were robbed of seeing Alonso battle for pole position.

"Let's start from the reasons why the rule book was modified a couple years ago: costs had to be reduced by getting rid of the T-car and reducing car crews," said Domenicali. "This was the reason why the regulations were changed.

"After that, as usually happens in F1, we lost sight a bit of the events that may happen, like on Saturday. So I think this is an issue that will be re-discussed again as soon as possible, because preventing spectators from seeing the car for this sort of reason is in my opinion worth looking at."


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