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Red Bull vows to avoid driver fallout

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Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have been told by their team that they will not be allowed to take any bad feelings from their Turkish Grand Prix clash into the next race of the season - as Red Bull Racing chiefs vow to move quickly to try and prevent the situation spiralling out of control.

With neither driver accepting responsibility for the accident, and team chiefs in disagreement about who was to blame for the crash that cost Red Bull Racing victory in Istanbul, the outfit faces a huge distraction from its on-track efforts.

And with the fallout from the crash prompting fans and media to suggest that the events of Turkey show that factions of the outfit are favouring Vettel over Webber, the matter is not going to be easy one to draw a line under.

However, team principal Christian Horner has promised to move quickly to try and get the situation sorted as best he can - and has said he will do everything he can to not let tensions simmer below the surface.

"The most important thing, and I have had this situation before with drivers in different formulas, is to get issues out into the open, deal with them and that is exactly what we will do here," Horner told AUTOSPORT about how he intended to act on dealing with the matter.

"There is no animosity between the drivers. They are both competitive. They are both hungry animals, and it is down to us to ensure that they learn from this and it doesn't happen again."

Horner thinks both Webber and Vettel will take on board the fact that they not only wrecked their afternoons in Turkey, but also those of the team they work for.

"I think both drivers will look at it, they will reflect on it, and it is important they learn from it," he said.

"They represent a whole team and Red Bull when they are out their driving, and they know that what has happened has cost not only themselves but the team, and Red Bull, a lot of points."

And although Red Bull's motorsport advisor Helmut Marko has blamed Webber for the incident, Horner has adopted a more balanced view – claiming both drivers have to share the blame.

"They should never have been where they were on the circuit," he said. "It needs both of them to realise. You need a bit of co-operation from both, and they both played hard ball and we saw the net result."


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