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'Renault consider buying back F1 team'

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French carmaker Renault SA are reportedly considering buying back control of their Formula One team.

Last year, amidst rumours that Renault could pull out of Formula One, the car manufacturer sold 85 per cent of their team to Luxembourg-based financial company Genii Capital.

However, according to reports, the new owners have not put in the money that Renault had hoped they would do, although this does not seem to have hampered the team out on track.

Renault's results this season have been impressive compared to last year's as, while they have yet to win a grand prix, Robert Kubica has claimed three podium finishes, putting Renault securingly in fifth place in the Constructors' Championship.

The team's upturn in form, coupled with improvements in Renault's own financial situation, has now led to rumours of a buy back of their F1 team.

Renault have yet to comment on the rumours. Planet-F1


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