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Vettel is too error-prone – Whitmarsh

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McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh says that Sebastian Vettel makes too many mistakes – and at the expense of other drivers.

Jenson Button had to retire in Belgium after being hit by the Red Bull driver, who was able to get to the pits for a new nose and resume the race.

In Turkey Vettel collided with team-mate Mark Webber, gifting McLaren a one-two finish.

“I think he’s made a few too many,” said Whitmarsh on Sunday evening.

“Undoubtedly he’s clever, he’s quick. He’s still young, and I think he’s learning.

“I’d rather he did his learning by hitting other cars, not ours!

“You sense outwardly that he deals with it [the pressure] very well.

“But there have been or two too many mistakes that have cost other drivers dearly. So I don’t know.”

Whitmarsh believes that RBR will favour Vettel in the battle for the championship: “I think they quite like their younger driver.

“So I doubt if they are going to put their weight behind Mark. That’s my gut feeling.”

Meanwhile Whitmarsh says McLaren will go all out to beat RBR to the title, and that to do so every aspect of the way it operates will have to be razor-sharp.

“Our job is simple,” he said.

“We’ve got to make our car quicker, and work hard to do that, race by race.

“We’ve got to race well, and not make operational or tactical mistakes during the race.

“And the drivers have got to be on the form that I think they are on.

“The great thing is that Jenson participates in enjoying the success of Lewis [Hamilton]. It’s easy for him to not be involved.

“There is a great feeling in the team. Jenson hasn’t given up, he wants to beat Lewis, and that’s how it should be.

“I think as a team we’re strong, but we’ve got to make our car quicker, we’ve got to keep pushing, and that’s what we intend to do.”ITV-F1


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